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SVSU's official colors, red and blue, provide a distinguished richness and vibrant energy to the image of SVSU. The SVSU logo should always be shown in these hues of red and/or blue (the logo may also appear in black or white). These colors should be applied with the proper mix of colors to produce accurate representations of each color. Secondary colors in gold, greens, brown, and other shades are listed below.

Please consult with University Communications or your printer with questions about which mix of colors to use (for printed items use CMYK or PANTONE colors). For all Web or Powerpoint presentations that are viewed on a computer screen, use the RGB or HEXADECIMAL color combinations.


SVSU Blue C=100, M=67, Y=0, K=23 R=4.1, G=16.2, B=44.9

C: 288
U: 287

SVSU Red C=0, M=100, Y=79, K=20 R=79, G=.2, B=12.1 C: 187
U: 200
Secondary Colors
Gold C=0, M=28, Y=100, K=6 R=100, G=60.3, B=0   #FFCC00
Purple C=51, M=94, Y=0, K=0 R=48, G=13, B=53   #660066
Deep Violet C=64, M=100, Y=0, K=14 R=30.6, G=10.3, B=40.4   #330033
Green C=100, M=0, Y=46, K=46 R=0, G=31, B=28.3   #003300
Teal C=100 M=0, Y=0, K=27.5 R=0, G=37, B=64   #336666
Lime C=45, M=0, Y=100, K=24 R=106, G=153, B=19   #669900
Rust C=0, M=60, Y=100, K=18.5 R=78.5, G=25.5, B=4.9   #CC3300
Brown C=60 M=65 Y=100 K=0 R=40.2, G=25.1, B=8.5   #663300




Identity Standards

Cover of Identity Standards May 2016

SVSU Identity Standards (1,699kB)