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Academics at SVSU

SVSU doesn't expect you to know exactly who you are or all you can accomplish. Here, you are allowed to question, take risks and explore. In fact, we encourage it. We keep our classes small so professors not only learn your name, but they can help you understand what drives you. Our professors shape your education around you, not the other way around.


You might be a thinker, scientist, athlete, artist, inventor or musician. No matter your gifts, our classrooms promise to shape you in ways that unleash incredible opportunities.

A lineup of recent graduates.

SVSU not only offers you an expansive range of programs, we also have nationally regarded degrees. Our students outperform competition from leading private and public universities across the country

A visual representation of the states where there are the most SVSU alumni.

The top five states where SVSU alumni work -- with alumni in all 50 states -- (#1) Michigan (#2) Florida (#3) Ohio (#4) Illinois (#5) Texas

Our Academic Colleges


Analyze the social ramifications of shows like “Orange Is the New Black,” or perform the plays of Shakespeare. Discover how to defend or enact public policies. Double major with a language or philosophy degree. Learn to map the world or to map the human mind. We’ll teach you to make connections between the great artists and thinkers of the past and your unique future.


When you major in business at SVSU, you enter a network of companies that offer thousands of different internships and field placements. 100% of our students engage in experiential learning, and our company partnerships let you choose to work with local startups or Fortune 500 companies. You can take your knowledge as a graduate anywhere in the world.


Not only is SVSU highly regarded for the academic rigor of our education degrees, we also offer specialized grants to students who desire to teach. Your passion to help the next generation could equal up to $4,000 of additional aid each year. In addition, 300 hours of field work mean you spend more time than most undergraduate degrees in a real classroom, practically preparing for your career.


Our licensure rates for first-time passing of required national examinations far exceed state and national averages in both the nursing and social work programs. SVSU takes an innovative and advanced approach to preparing all students with a focus in health care and community.


Graduates in the STEM fields at SVSU have grown to be legendary. Each year we distinguish ourselves as some of the top student race car builders in the world, preferred hires for global companies like Dow Chemical and writers of articles published in top professional journals. We also boast one of only three working foundries in Michigan, giving our students access and experience with real clients while still in school.

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