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‌‌Garrett Weslock Art Graduate
Garrett James Weslock‌

Major: BFA, Ceramics 
Graduation Year: May 2015
Future Plans: "I plan on looking into grad schools, artist communes, and or artist residencies over the course of the summer and will be applying to as many of these as possible."

Greatest asset of the SVSU Art Dept: I would recommend the SVSU Art Department to interested high school students.  I have learned an unimaginable amount of knowledge while attending SVSU, and I have many of the professors in the Art Department to thank for that.  The program is designed around the students and the class sizes are small enough that you get a great deal of one on one time from the professors.  In my opinion the greatest part of the program is the BFA, because the complete creative freedom and knowledge of the advisors leads the student into the future with a great deal of confidence. Which for me, someone who knew what I wanted to say with my BFA show, was pivotal in my decision in selecting SVSU. ...more

Olivia Nixon Art Graduate
Olivia Nixon

Major: BFA, Graphic Design
Graduated: December 2013
Current Occupation: Graphic Designer for Kickdrop Beverages in Clarkston, MI. 

Greatest asset of the SVSU Art Dept: "The dedication the professors have to the students is by far my favorite thing about the Art Department.  They make themselves available to students in every way possible & provide access to so many different artistic outlets. For being a small school you get a huge variety of opportunities to try new things to help you become a better artist." ...more



Corey Gilbert

Major:  BFA, Painting and Drawing
Graduated: May 2011
Current Occupation: SVSU, University Art Gallery Coordinator

Greatest asset of the SVSU Art Dept: "Small classes give a good one-on-one experience with the professors, this is very important when studying art. I enjoy being conceptually and creatively challenged and this was readily available to me. I was able to take many advanced art classes and independent studies with various professors to fulfill this need.  Also, I feel, tuition was affordable.‌"...more


-------  B.F.A Seminar Art Exhibition -----

March 3 - April 15, 2015
Saginaw Art Museum

featuring works by

Logan Mooney, Alison Bur, Garrett Weslock,
Miles Nitz, Eric Birkle & Myles Roznowski ....more info


 *** Attention Art Students! ***

10th Annual Student Show!

We are looking for your artistic creations from the current academic year (Fall 2014/Winter 2015). All mediums are acceptable, and you can submit up to three works. All works must be exhibition ready (framed and/or wired for 2D works, 3D works must have a stand or be pedestal stable).  Drop off Dates are April 27th through May 1st  For more info and printable pdf Submission Form 

 Graduation - December 2014

Graduation December 2014 Eileen Gemborys, David J. Jansen, Jr., J. Blake Johnson, Hideki Kihata, Sara Clark

Graduating students; Eileen Gemborys, David Janssen, Jr. & Danielle Mercier
Faculty; Phillip Hansen, J. Blake Johnson, Sara Clark, Hideki Kihata

Department of Art

It is the goal of the Department of Art to develop a student's artistic knowledge and skills to a professional level, which provides leadership for our society as well as to prepare them for graduate school and future employment in an art related field.  The Department also places it general goal to be recognized as a leader in art and art education and as the important cultural resource for the region and the state.

Program of Study

The visual arts curriculum at SVSU includes art history and studio courses in ceramics, graphic design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.  The Department of Art is part of the College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences.

Students may earn a B.A. in Art, Graphic Design, or Visual Arts Education, and also a B.F.A. degree.

Because most classes do not exceed 25 students at SVSU, you'll work closely with art professors who are accomplished artists in their own right. Their paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures have been exhibited at numerous regional and national shows.

You also will be exposed to the creativity of other outstanding contemporary artists whose works are exhibited in the Art Department Gallery, located on the first floor of the Arbury Fine Arts Center.


Alumni News

Monica Lynch - received the American Advertising Student Scholarship Award - Fall 2013


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