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Modern Foreign Languages Department

Mission Statementforeign Languages

To teach languages other than English so that students are better able to communicate with people from different cultures who‌speak other languages, thus promoting understanding, tolerance and appreciation. Studying a foreign language also helps people to understand how languages work, one's own or other languages.

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages offers majors in French and Spanish and minors in French, Japanese, and Spanish.

Career Information

Students graduating with a foreign language major will:

  • Acquire listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the target language
  • Know about customs, values and behavior typical of the people living in the target language/culture
  • Have general knowledge about history, geography, literature and government of the people living in the target language/culture

A major or minor in a foreign language affords students an introduction to numerous careers, including teaching, business and industry, government positions, service positions. The combination of foreign language study with other academic programs -- such as social work, teaching, nursing, criminal justice, business -- increases career opportunities.