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Computer Information Systems (BS)

The applications of a computer information systems degree extends to every sector of life. From business to healthcare, education and entertainment, information systems support the very fabric of society. At SVSU, we prepare you to design, implement and maintain those systems. With a low student-to-faculty ratio and high job placement for graduates, you will benefit from personalized instruction and care that uniquely qualifies you for the job market. Here, our computer science students are supported by tutors, submit a senior capstone project and are equipped to thrive because of a special program focus on writing. The opportunities available to you span far and wide, and your journey to finding your passion amidst those opportunities begins the moment you step foot on campus. Apply today.

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Saginaw Valley State University


SVSU students address the needs of local and global communities through the integration of meaningful service and traditional instruction that incorporates reflection and critical thinking to enrich the learning experience. 

Saginaw Valley State University

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Khandaker Abir Rahman


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