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Bernard Osher Foundation

Thanks to the generosity of the The Bernard Osher Foundation, there is a Bernard Osher
network of Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes across the United States
meeting the needs of older learners who want to learn simply for the joy
of learning and personal fulfillment.

The Foundation supports a growing national network of lifelong learning
institutes for seasoned adults located at nearly 120 colleges and universities
from Maine to Hawaii and Alaska.

The SVSU-OLLI joined this prestigious network of lifelong learning providers
in 2005. At that time, we changed our name from SVSU Institute for Learning
in Retirement to the SVSU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

This national linkage with other OLLI's and the Foundation is very valuable.  In
addition to the financial support, network members share successful management,
marketing and programming ideas. To read more about the foundation, and other Osher
Lifelong Learning Institutes go to their website