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Secondary Education

The Secondary Education Program of SVSU is designed for those who want to teach grades 6-12. Also includes K-12 certification in Visual Arts Education, Music Education, Physical Education, Spanish, and French Education.

SVSU’s Secondary Education Program provides a supervised teaching opportunity in the first year of enrollment, allowing you to experience teaching before enrolling in Education courses.

Prior to student teaching, candidates have 300 hours of experiences with other candidates, students, teachers, and administrators. Secondary education candidates earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. In addition to education courses, candidates complete a major and a minor. For complete degree requirements, refer to the course catalog.

The Teacher Education: Middle/ Secondary (TEMS) Program intentionally places candidates in urban, rural, and suburban settings alongside veteran teachers in their major and minor within both a middle-level and high-school-level classroom for observational and teaching experiences.

This powerful combination equips our secondary education candidates with the practical, hands-on experiences required to become an effective Secondary Education Classroom Teacher - an intentional plan of action we're proud to offer!

The Secondary Teacher Education program consists of:

1) SVSU Basic Skills Requirements
2) General Education Requirements
3) Academic major and minor requirements (see options below)
4) Professional Studies courses (taken upon admission to the College of Education) -- curriculum