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COE Undergraduate Program Change Form (38kB) 

COE Course Section Request Form  (Now available on Cardinal Direct)


Approved Michigan Department of Education
Career Technical Education (CTE) Program
TE 100/TE 101 Waiver Requirements

SVSU students who have successfully completed a Teacher Cadet Program in its entirety through a high school approved by the Michigan Department of Education and are seeking a waiver of SVSU's TE 100; Exploring Teaching: K-12 or TE 101; Exploring Teaching in Physical Education may receive the equivalent SVSU credit provided that they have completed each of the twelve (12) segments of a Career Technical Education (CTE) program, including the fieldwork component, with a grade of "B" or higher.

To obtain approval, applicants must:

  • be accepted to SVSU and begin classes at SVSU within three (3) years of high school graduation;
  • apply for the TE 100/TE 101 waiver no later than five (5) years after high school graduation;
  • have successfully completed at least twelve (12) SVSU credit hours as a full-time degree-seeking student at the time of application and have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

How to Apply for TE 100/101 waiver:

Complete the CTE Credit Application Form (124kB) and the SVSU TE 100-101 Course Petition Waiver Form (110kB) and submit both to the SVSU College of Education Dean's Office, 2nd floor, Gilbertson Hall, for processing.

Please include the following documents with your submission:

  • High school transcript showing CTE credit and final grade(s) posted.
  • Copy of CTE Certificate
  • Documented field experiences (if available)