Personal Training

Campus Recreation offers an excellent Personal Training Program that allows students to work under the supervision of an experienced personal trainer. Our trainers assess your fitness goals, create a personalized workout plan, and teach you how to properly perform resistance and cardiovascular training exercises to keep you motivated and disciplined!

 Personal Training Packages Include:

  • 1 hour sessions with the trainer
  • Advice on nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Pre/Post fitness assessments
  • Lifestyle counseling to stay fit even outside the gym

What We Offer:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Buddy training (2 people)
  • Group training (3 people)
  • Free fitness orientations


Rates and Policies
  • Max Petit

    Personal Trainer

  • Shane Kerbelis

    Personal Trainer

Personal Training Registration

Download Personal Training Registration (PDF 1kb)