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Club Sports

Club Sports allow students to continue to compete in their sport of choice at a collegiate level, improve their athletic skill set, and gain opportunities for personal growth and development of leadership skills. The success of individual Club Sports can be attributed to the dedication and drive of student leaders.

Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive and diversified Club Sport Programs possible in an effort to meet the needs and interests of students. Each Club is organized and maintained through student efforts, with advisement from faculty, staff and Campus Recreation.

Current Club Sports


  Equestrian - Hunt   Rugby - Women


  Equestrian - Stock   Soccer - Men
Bass Fishing   Golf   Soccer - Women
Bowling   Gymnastics   Softball
Boxing   Ice Hockey - Men   Tennis


  Lacrosse - Men   Volleyball - Women
Cricket   Lacrosse - Women   Winter Guard
Dance   Paintball   Wrestling
Disc Golf   Pompon    
Dodgeball   Rugby - Men    

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