SVSU Special Collections/Facilities Research Grant

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What is this for? These grants support research using materials that are otherwise not accessible and conducted at special collections at a recognized museum(s), library(ies), archive(s), university(ies), or other special facilities leading to publication or presentation.

Who is eligible? Proposals are accepted from full-time faculty members on continuing appointment. The maximum funding available through an SVSU Grant for Special Collections Research is $1,500; support for larger projects should be sought through the Faculty Research (Unit) Grants program. Special Collections grants can be used to supplement funds provided through external grants including grants from the museum(s), library(ies), or archive(s) that house the special collection(s) to be used.

Application guidelines: SVSU Special Collections/Facilities Research Grant (61kB)

Faculty members can receive no more than one Special Collections Grant each academic year.

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Follow the steps below to create an account and apply for an opportunity.

  1. Access the online application by visiting
  2. Click on the grant you would like to apply for under competition.
  3. Click on apply on the right side.
  4. When login screen appears, click on register on the bottom.
  5. Use your SVSU email address and password when you click on create account.
  6. You will receive an email; click the Confirm Account button to complete the account creation process.
  7. Login at to create your application.
  8. You will receive an email once your application is submitted.  

Please contact Sponsored Programs for assistance as you are completing your application.