Sponsored and Academic Programs Support


The mission of the Office of Sponsored & Academic Programs Support (SP) at Saginaw Valley State University is to contribute to the professional development of faculty and administrators, strengthen the quality of the institution’s academic and support program, and enhance the stature of the University. SP assists faculty and administration in the development of proposals for research, academic support for internal and external funding and with the administration of public /private grants and sponsored project agreements.

Grant Application Process

   Step I. Pre-Grant Information
   Step II. Analyzing Grant Opportunities
   Step III. Pursue the Grant
   Step IV: Sponsored Programs Review and Transmittal
   Step V: Writing the Grant
   Step VI: Intent to Submit for Dean's Review
   Step VII: Controller's Office
   Step VIII: Dean's Review
   Step IX: VP of Academic Affairs Review
   Step X: Final Formatting and Submission

Grants Awarded

Learn more about those who have been awarded grants.