SVSU Faculty Research Grant

(Due by 4:30 November 15 yearly or next business day if the due date falls on the weekend )
We suggest you submit earlier to allow Sponsored Programs time to review your application.

Faculty who have been awarded three unit grants in the last five years are ineligible for additional awards unless they have applied for external funding through Sponsored Programs.

Submit your applicatin using the new online application system,

  • What this is for:  Faculty Research is defined as research leading to publication or presentation.
  • Who is eligible: Proposals are accepted from full-time faculty members on continuing appointment.
  • Faculty may apply for funds/release time.
  • Funding Available: July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016
  • Release Time: F15 or W16
  • Faculty who apply for this grant will be notified of approval status the end of January by the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Faculty Research Grant (67kB)
  • Final Report (39kB) should be submitted to Melissa Woodward, .
  • Access Online Budget Account (14kB) using mySVSU portal.

Please follow the steps below to create an account and apply for an opportunity.

  1. Access the online application by visiting
  2. Click on the grant you would like to apply for under competition.
  3. Click on apply on the right side.
  4. When login screen appears, click on register on the bottom.
  5. Use your SVSU email address and password when you click on create account.
  6. You will receive an email; click the Confirm Account button to complete the account creation process.
  7. Login at to create your application.
  8. You will receive an email once your application is submitted.  

 Please contact Sponsored Programs for assistance as you are completing your application.