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The Department of Biology at Saginaw Valley State University is a part of the University's College of Science, Engineering, and Technology. The Department of Biology offers Bachelor's degrees in Biology as well as in Biology for Teacher Certification; students may choose either a major or minor in either of these programs. The curriculum is well suited for students preparing for many types of advanced degree study.

There are currently eighteen full-time faculty, a full-time laboratory coordinator and a part-time laboratory technician in the Department. At SVSU, biology classes are usually small and are taught by experienced professors whose primary concern is in quality instruction. The faculty members also are involved in research and professional development and are very interested in including students in these activities through directed studies and independent research projects. Laboratory classes are conducted in the Science West building, which contains modern laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment. The University's 782-acre campus also contains an ecological research area where a variety of biological fieldwork are performed.