About the SVSU Writing Center

The Writing Center has been a part of the SVSU campus for 16 years.  During this time, we have worked to support student writers, developing their writing and critical thinking abilities.  Our staff of 20-25 tutors represent every college on campus, and they have been trained to give feedback to student writers at all levels, from freshmen to graduate students, and in all disciplines.

Here are some highlights from Academic Year 2014-15:

  • 4,252 individual tutorial sessions were conducted at the Writing Center in the fall and winter semesters
  • 43% of the students who used the Writing Center were freshmen; the other 57% were upperclassmen and graduate students
  • 53% of the students who use the Writing Center have a G.P.A. between 3.3 and 4.0
  • 98% of students ranked our services as "excellent" or "good"
  • 90% of students felt "very confident" or "confident" about their ability to complete their writing assignment after their tutorial session

 Mission Statement and Goals:

Our SVSU mission statement describes SVSU as a university that “creates opportunities for individuals to achieve intellectual and personal development” as it “prepares graduates whose leadership and expertise contribute to the advancement of a pluralistic society.” To develop such leadership capabilities and professional expertise, students must become effective communicators. Because effective written communication is an expectation in all professions, writing is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum.

To support the development of writing skills at our university, the SVSU Writing Center has the following mission statement and goals:

"The Writing Center serves Saginaw Valley State University by raising the level of excellence in student writing, at all levels and in all disciplines. To achieve this goal, the Writing Center provides tutorial sessions, workshops, and resources for students to develop their skills as writers and critical thinkers within the academic community and the community at large."