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Pursuing justice doesn’t have to start after you take the LSAT. SVSU’s pre-law program is designed to engage you in the process right away. You can pair a pre-law concentration with any number of different majors: Political Science, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Communication, English, History or Management. At SVSU, we believe in supporting, empowering and challenging our students. If you’re a pre-law student with a passion for justice, our faculty will develop your knowledge and skill. From courses and lectures to conferences and competitions, SVSU offers a robust approach to pre-law. Connect with a pre-law advisor today and start your Cardinal journey by applying.

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Saginaw Valley State University


SVSU students address the needs of local and global communities through the integration of meaningful service and traditional instruction that incorporates reflection and critical thinking to enrich the learning experience. 

Saginaw Valley State University

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Pre-Law Advisor

Dr. Lee Trepanier

GN 220
(989) 964-4378

Moot Court & Pre-Law Club Advisor

Dr. Julie Keil


GN 210