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Contact Us
(989) 964-2462
(989) 964-6095

Director, Military Student Affairs

Denise M. Berry

School Certifying Official

Kathy Krull


Curtiss 121

Veterans Affairs Student Liaisons
Brad Nagy, US Navy Veteran
Lisa Balderstone, US Air Force Dependent
Jose Rodriguez, US Navy Veteran


8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Or by appt.







Post-9/11 GI Bill

Post-9/11 GI Bill

Information about GI Bill

Local Vet Support

Local Vet Support

Saginaw Vet Center 433

Recall to Duty

Recall to Duty

Policy on Recall

Welcome to Saginaw Valley State University ... active, reserve and veteran service members and dependents! 

The Military Student Affairs Office (MSAO) is dedicated to the needs and concerns of all military-affiliated students: active, reserve, veteran, and veteran dependents.  The MSAO is staffed by a full-time director and two Veterans Affairs student liaisons, all who have served in the military.

The staff of the Military Student Affairs Office and the Cardinal Military Association are anxious to help you make the transition to SVSU.

If you need assistance with admission to SVSU or looking for the next step, we suggest that you make contact ‌with the Military Student Affairs Office as a start.

Please see the links at left that will take you to pages that will provide you with information and additional resources intended to support your success and collegiate goals.


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Denise M. Berry &

Jose A. Rodriguez