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Student Perspectives

As a recent graduate from SVSU, I can say that being a part of the Honors Program even more effectively enabled me to tailor my curriculum to my interests and needs. My major was in English, and as a writer, I found many of the courses offered through the regular catalogue didn't really 'match' my goals; there were few classes that focused on the type of writing I was most actively pursuing. By being an honors student, I had the option of submitting a portfolio of my own work, as well as the obligation of writing an acceptable undergraduate thesis, the bulk of which I hope to expand into a Master's thesis when I attend graduate school Fall of 2000. The Honors Program is the ideal vehicle for the student who desires the freedom and flexibility to remain involved as possible in the reciprocity a higher education should allow; as a former honors student, I felt a true connection to and involvement in the learning process that I'm sure I will continue to foster as I pursue an advanced degree.
---- Cynthia Lyman


The step from a small, growing university to graduate study or the professional world is a challenging one. Reflecting on my years at SVSU, the Honors Program was an integral and formative part of my education and experience as a student. The Honors Program, or more particularly its professional and caring faculty and its community of students (in the truest sense of the word), trained me to function in professional relationships and scholarship. The advantage that SVSU offers in the way of opportunities for working closely with teachers is an extraordinary degree of flexibility in designing a course of study (unavailable to non-honors students) that fit my personal and career goals. My project also allowed me to form a lasting professional relationship with a faculty member, a scholar and expert in my chosen field. The experience has been invaluable.
---- Jeff Easlick, now a Masters Degree Candidate at Penn State


The Honors courses that I took were ideal-model for what all classes can and should be. The combination of reading, writing, and discussion pushed me to critically think and question in interdisciplinary ways. What I learned and practiced in these classes has been applicable both in other classes and in my life outside of classes.
---- Pam VanHaitsma


The biggest advantage to the Honors Program is that it allows the student the freedom to design a program to fit their particular needs and interests. In my case, I mixed science, art, and English classes together to meet my needs. The financial aid I used required all classes it paid for meet a specific degree requirement. The Honors Program's freedom to develop my own course of study allowed me to take classes I normally wouldn't have been able to.
The second advantage of the program to me was that it got me ready to do a long and complex research project as a thesis. The experience and skills I used for the Honors thesis came in real handy when I did my Master's project later.
---- James Kajpust, has completed SVSU's Communications and Multi-Media Masters Degree Program