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In the College of Education at SVSU

The SVSU College of Education uses Tk20 HigherEd™, as a comprehensive data management and learning outcomes assessment system for course and clinical activities related to teacher or administrator certification. The system provides a rich set of tools to help track and enhance our candidates' growth, as well as make our assessment and accountability tasks more succinct. Tk20 enables program candidates to complete course assignments, build professional portfolios, and provide information regarding field experiences, student teaching and administrative internships. Program candidates will have access to Tk20 for seven (7) years from the date of purchase to build their professional portfolio and support career advancement.

The Tk20 subscription rate is $100.00. Students admitted to the Teacher Education Program will be assessed the subscription fee with their tuition the first semester they enroll in their professional studies courses.  Pre-education majors are not required to pay the subscription fee until they are admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

Graduate level candidates will be assessed the same subscription fee with their tuition when they register for the first time as a new admit to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree programs in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and the K-12 Literacy Specialist, the Special Education Administration programs, and the Administrator Certification programs.  The fee is non-refundable.


Browser Information

Tk20 is a web-based system and can be accessed using any suitable browser, from any system connected to the Internet. While it works well with most browsers, Tk20 recommends Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome browsers for optimal use. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox browser if you are working on a Linux platform.