Past Exhibitions

Spring/Summer 2013 Exhibits:

8th Annual Art Student's Exhibit, Juror's Awards:  Alison Bur, Samuel Dantuma, Sally Giroux, and Trecien Schultz; Honorable Mention Awards:  Patricia McDonald, Veronica Osowski, and Emily Sovey
Selections from the Art Department Collection, This exhibit features a selection of works from the collection of art acquired by the SVSU Art Department over the past 30 years. It includes work from a variety of artists who have exhibited in the University Art Gallery in the past

Winter 2013 Exhibits:

Marie Tapert Exhibit, Wire Drawings & Constructions
Pilgrimages Exhibit: art work by Shaun Bangert,  Larry Butcher, Aaron Gaertner & Alex Maxon
Japanese Woodblock Prints Exhibit, donated collection from Dr.Louis W. Doll
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit, featuring Christine Janowiak and Kassie Smith

Fall 2012 Exhibits

Matthew Zivich Exhibit, Recent Works, "War and Peace"
Saints & Sinners Invitational, Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum Fundraiser
Cynthia Foley Exhibit , Imagining Context: Seeing & Being Seen
Michigan Watercolor Society Exhibit, 2012 Traveling Exhibition

Winter/Spring 2012 Exhibits

Cyberspace I: Digital Fine Arts Competition
Cianne Fragione: Atmospheric Conditions - An Exhibition of Works on Paper
Mary Gaynier - Scherenschnitte: Cut Paper Design
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit, featuring Amanda Abraham, Jillian Bourbina, Caleb Guthrie & Kait Harris
7th Annual Art Student's Exhibit

Fall 2011 Exhibits:

SVSU Department of Art Faculty Exhibit
Dennis Guastella & Ron Teachworth Exhibit, Resonating Patterns
Larry Robinson,  Photographs
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit - Caleb Guthrie, Robin Karnes & Nicole Turner

Spring/Summer 2011 Exhibits:

6th Annual Art Student's Exhibit
IN the Spirit and INclusion - Selections from the INprint Group

Fall 2010 - Winter 2011 Exhibits

Barron Hirsch, A Retrospective Exhibition
The Michigan Watercolor Society's 2010 Traveling Exhibition
Judy Baca, Excavating Land & Memory
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit featuring Peter Clouse, Jacob Johnson, Sarah Masters, Zack Lietaert, Derek Rudel & Stacy Wilson
Benjamin Duke, Upheaval: Recent Paintings
(Re)Calling & (Re) Telling: photographs by Kesha Bruce, Scott Youngstedt, & Mike Mosher
Larry Butcher, Love, Memory & Impermanence
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit featuring Jill Cooley, Corey Gilbert, Jason Hynes, Jillian Moody & Kristine Schlicht

2009 - 2010 Exhibits

Ed Wong-Ligda, Beauty & Vulnerability: Paintings
Stephen Gerffre, Dakota Reimaged: Paintings
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit featuring Nick Kaiser, Renee Adler, Nicole Pfeiffer, Hermalinda Roof, & Dennis Rogers
Soap Box Prints I & II: A Printshow from the American Print Alliance
Dylan Miner: Graphic Work
Nikkole Huss: Paintings
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit featuring
5th Annual Art Student Exhibit
Selections from the University's Collection

2008-2009 Exhibits

Michelle Courier: Recent Works
Robert McCann - Paintings
Mike Mosher, Visual Engineering, Paintings & Drawings
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit featuring Samantha eurich, Caroline Heller, Sara Lowthian
Matthew Zivich - Recent Works from the "Americana" Series
Randal Crawford - More Alternate Explanations: Mixed Media Works
Jessica Gondek, Dissecting Paint, Ink, & Pixels: Paintings & Printed Media
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit featuring
4th Annual Art Student Exhibit,