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Supplemental Travel Policies and Procedures

The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to providing professional development for faculty members. Contractually, all faculty members, including lecturers, are entitled to $1000 each year for professional development expenses. This funding is intended primarily for travel to professional conferences, but can also be used for other professional expenses as outlined below.

Contractually, faculty members can use any portion of this funding for travel or membership dues in professional organizations of the faculty member's discipline. If any of the yearly allocation to a faculty member is not used for memberships or travel, up to $250 can be spent on books, teaching or research materials, or periodicals.

In addition to this funding, supplemental travel funds are available by application to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Application should be completed prior to committing any funds. While applications will be accepted after the travel is completed, there is no guarantee that funds will be awarded. The decision to grant supplemental travel funds lies with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. The general criteria are:

  • The contractual $1000 must be expended (or committed) prior to or concurrent with requests for supplemental funding.
  • The faculty member should be involved in a significant way in the conference, e.g., presenting a paper or poster, moderating a session, sitting on a panel, etc. Some exceptions may be granted, for example, a faculty member who wishes to attend a conference to support development of a new course could receive supplemental funding even if not presenting a paper.
  • Since the costs associated with conference attendance vary widely, there is no specific limit on the number of conferences that a faculty member may attend. However, the intent is to distribute funds fairly, so normally, no faculty member should expect to receive more than an additional $1500 in a given year.

Form: AY 2016-17 Application for Supplemental Professional Activity Support (92kB)


  • Faculty member completes form, "Application for Supplemental Professional Activity Support," attaching evidence of significant participation in conference proceedings.
  • Department Chair and Dean must sign form indicating their support for the activity.
  • Dean's office verifies the current balance in the faculty member's Professional Improvement Fund (5620 account).
  • Application and supporting materials are forwarded to VPAA for consideration.
  • VPAA will inform faculty member and dean of award or denial of funding.