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The Earl Warrick Award for Excellence in Research

The Earl Warrick Award is given annually to an SVSU faculty member who has made a significant and/or longstanding contribution to the advancement of knowledge in a recognized field of scholarship or artistic endeavor.

Eligible faculty members may be nominated by any faculty member or Academic Dean at SVSU. The nomination should include a short description (3-5 sentences) on why the person is being nominated.

Nominations should focus on:

  • Publications or original research in refereed scholarly journals
  • Exhibitions and/or performances in juried venues
  • Presentations of original research at juried conferences
  • External funding awards for scholarly activities
  • External awards for research and publication
  • Positive reviews of work in refereed journals
  • Citations of works in other works

The committee chair will contact nominees to request that a portfolio be submitted for the nomination committee to consider.

 The Nomination Deadline for the Warrick Award is 5:00 pm on Friday, February 2, 2018.

                                                  Past recipients of the Earl Warrick Award for Excellence in Research

Year   Recipient   Department
2018   Kaustav Misra   Economics
2017   Sara Beth Keough   Geography
2016   Scott M. Youngstedt   Sociology
2015   Paul Teed   History
2014   Tai Chi Lee   Computer Science & Information Systems
2013   Steve Taber   Biology
2012   Robert Tuttle   Mechanical Engineering
2011   Jesse Donahue   Political Science
2010   Eric Gardner   English
2009   David Karpovich   Chemistry
2008   Judy Kerman   English
2007   Hamza Ahmad   Math
2006   Deborah Huntley   Chemistry
2005   Joseph Ofori-Dankwa    Management & Marketing
2004   Sam Sarkar            Economics
2003   Zhidong Pan      Mathematical Science
2002   Alfred Bracciano
Gretchen Owocki
  Occupational Therapy
2001   Garry Johns      Mathematical Science
2000   John Jezierski         History
1999   Stephen Lawrence    Chemistry
1998   Janet Rubin    Communication & Theatre
1997   Jill Wetmore       Finance
1996   Hideki Kihata     Art
1995   Tirumale Ramesh     Electrical
1994   Jean Brown      Teacher Education
1993   Gail Kantak     Biology
1992   Sally Decker   Nursing
1991   Charles Brown    Music
1990   Enayat Mahajerin    Mechanical Engineering & Technology
1989   Hong Park   Economics
1988   Hsuan Shen Chen   Physics
1987   Suk Koo Yun   Physics
1986   Thomas Renna   History