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Online Tutoring

Can't make it to the Writing Center? You can work with one of our tutors online. The Online Writing Center (OWC) allows you to schedule an appointment online, upload your paper, and then come back to the OWC during your appointment day and time to talk with a tutor about your paper online, either using video/audio or real-time chat.

If you have never used WCOnline before, you will have to create a new username and password—your SVSU login information won’t work. After logging in, choose the appropriate schedule and then your desired appointment time. Fill out the appointment form, then save the appointment. When prompted, upload your paper to the tutor. Click below to make an online appointment, or watch the informational video below to learn more.

Please note that if you create but do not attend multiple appointments, the online system may not allow you to register for subsequent appointments.  If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, be sure to cancel through the online system.

The Writing Center is providing online tutoring ONLY through spring and summer.  Schedule a session with an online tutor Mondays 6–9 pm; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 11 am–3 pm; and Sundays 6–9 pm.

Scheduling an OWC Session



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