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W‌elcome from the President

Welcome to SVSU, where I have had the good fortune to come to work every day since 1978. I started as an assistant professor of criminal justice and rose through the faculty ranks to eventually become a dean, a provost, and now president.

As my career has advanced, so too has SVSU, through the personal attention to students I have witnessed from so many of my colleagues. We have matured into a fine university where we pride ourselves on our high quality classroom teaching. We have high expectations of our faculty and staff, who, in turn, have high expectations for our students and are committed to their success. Our campus has grown from a few buildings when I arrived into one of the most appealing suburban college environments you will find.

Academics have been my focus for the past 40 years, and they remain at the heart of what we do as a university, but developing well-prepared graduates includes other elements.  That’s why we offer NCAA Division II Athletics programs, many visual and performing arts activities, research and outreach endeavors, and a host of student programming and volunteer opportunities.

I also know how important we are to our surrounding Great Lakes Bay Region and how the region’s continued success is critical to us. After all, it was the people of this region that raised the money to found SVSU in 1963. Employers large and small rely upon us to produce high caliber professionals; we count on them to share their expertise and offer placement opportunities to our students. SVSU serves as a valuable cultural and intellectual resource, providing a venue for the region’s brightest minds to gather and solve problems, and for visiting scholars and artists to share their knowledge and talents.

Over the years, I have enjoyed watching my former students mature and succeed in many walks of life. I look forward to the same from today’s students as they become tomorrow’s alumni.

Whatever brings you to SVSU or gives you cause to interact with our students, faculty or staff, I hope your experience is a positive one.


Donald J. Bachand


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