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Effective Wednesday, March 18, University operations have moved to online and remote delivery.  We expect to remain in this mode until further notice.  

Please contact our office at or 989-964-4085.

Our people remain ready to assist you.

ORDERING OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: If you are ordering a transcript for this Winter 2020 term and also select a P/NC grade for any of your courses, please hold off on ordering a transcript until May 20th so that your official grades can be printed correctly before the transcript is sent.

Transfer Students

Transfer Student FAQ

How do I apply to SVSU as a transfer student?
What schools will SVSU accept credit from?
What is regional accreditation?
Why did I receive "No Credit" for my Nursing Courses?
I tested out of basic skills at my transferring institution. Will SVSU accept those test scores?
What are the specific requirements and limitations for undergraduate transfer credit?
Do my Military Training credits transfer to SVSU?
How will I know what credits were transferred to SVSU?
Can I transfer in graduate credit from another institution?
What is SVSU's policy on AP Credit?
Why did a course come in as an elective?
What is CLEP?
What is SVSU's policy on International Baccalaureate (IB) credit?
What is SVSU's policy on Dual Enrollment?
What is a Reverse Transfer Agreement?

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