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Important Notes

A sincere Cardinal welcome to all the FIRST in Michigan Robotics State Championships guests. SVSU is dedicated to providing a pleasant, safe and fun campus stay for all visitors. The following are online resources, tips and guides to help all FIRST Robotics guests enjoy their experience at SVSU.

  • APP: A FIRST Robotics state championship smartphone/tablet app (powered by Guidebook) is available download.
  • PIT ASSIGNMENTS: Download PDF (207KB) of pit assignments
  • COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENTS & FAQ: Latest info from FIRST competition headquarters [ more » ]
  • SHUTTLE: A complimentary shuttle service will be running a continuous loop across campus to help visitors get from point A to B without delay. [ more » ]
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE vendors are available at the facility hosting the competition. And other food marketplaces — including Subway, Papa John’s, and Panda Express — are located across SVSU’s campus. With these options available, please refrain from cooking inside campus facilities using propane or other electronic- and gas-powered cooking equipment; these are considered hazards by the fire marshall.
  • TAILGATING is permitted in parking lots J, J1, J2, G3. [ maps » ]
  • SVSU provides an EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM capable of delivering messages to report any critical incidents, severe weather threats or campus delays/closures due to inclement weather. FIRST Robotics guests can text the keyword SVSUGuest7 to 67283 to be registered to receive SVSU Alerts for seven days following the request.
  • Latex BALLOONS are not permitted in the team cafeteria, pits or stands due to an allergen accommodation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  
  • WI-FI will not be available in the competition arena. Wi-Fi will be available to guests within the building in the first and second-floor concourses and the pit area.
      • On your device, look for the SVSUGuest wireless network.
      • Once connected, the network should open a captive portal web page called SVSU Guest Wifi. (Note: If it doesn't prompt a login browser page, please try to go to a website manually and it should pop up)
      • Check the box to accept the SVSU terms of use.
      • Click Log In and you will be redirected with internet access.On wireless devices, visitors will be asked to use the SVSUGuest wireless network.
    • Guests will be registered to use the wireless for a 96-hour period. If the guest will be on campus for more than the allotted time, they can repeat these steps when their access expires.