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Teacher Certification

Revised Teacher Certification Administrative Rules

The Michigan Department of Education's Office of Professional Preparation Services provides guidance documents for certification on its website. The documents are updated regularly by the MDE and they are the most reliable resource for educators on the current requirements for certification.

To review your certificate go to Michigan Educator Certification Status.

Important Teacher Certification Application Update

Effective February 8, 2011, the Michigan Department of Education implemented the new Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). All applications for certification MUST be submitted directly to the MDE using this online system. Please familiarize yourself with the system and the instructions below on how to use it.

Step 1: Create a Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) Account

Visit the website link below and follow the steps on the screen to create a Michigan
Education Information System (MEIS) account. MEIS will email you a user ID and password
along with the MEIS account number to the email address provided by you during MEIS

Step 2: Register with MOECS

Once you have established a MEIS ID, please visit and on the
login screen sign in with your MEIS user ID and password and follow the steps to self-register
with MOECS. On the registration page, you will be asked to provide your MEIS account number,
which is included in the email that you received from MEIS.

Step 3: Apply for Certificate in MOECS

Once you have signed in with MOECS successfully, you will be asked to complete the demographic information and once it is saved, you will see the links on the left navigation panel.
Choose the link that is appropriate for you and follow the steps to apply for your certificate.

Step 4: University/College review/approval

After you have applied for the certificate, your application will be submitted to the institution
that you identified in the application process via MOECS for review and approval.

Step 5: Online Fee payment

Once your application is approved by the institution in MOECS, you will receive an email with a
link for you to pay the fee online using credit/debit card or you can do so by logging into MOECS
using your user ID and password.

Step 6: Issuance of Certificate

Once the fee is paid, your application will be approved by the Michigan Department of
Education (MDE) Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) and you will receive notification from the MDE on how to obtain a copy of your teaching certificate within 7-14 business days.
If you are having any difficulties with the registration process, please contact the Office of
Professional Preparation Services at (517) 373-3310.


Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificates - Basic Information and Application Instructions

Endorsements- Basic Information and Application Instructions

Administrator Certificate

Reading Requirement

Additional Certification Information:

MTTC test scores must be submitted to SVSU electronically by selecting institution code #24 when registering, OR an official hard copy of the test results must be sent directly to our office from National Evaluation Series to: Sharon Carlin, Certification Office, College of Education, Saginaw Valley State University, 7400 Bay Road, University Center, MI  48710.

Teachers certified in a state other than Michigan should contact the Michigan Department of Education Office of Professional Preparation Services directly at (517) 373-3310 to obtain application materials for Michigan certification.


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