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Past Exhibitions


Winter 2020
Images from China: Shenyang Aerospace University/SVSU Art Faculty Exchange Exhibition 2020
15th Annual Student Show
High School Invitational (3)
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Taylor Stone

Fall 2019
Rob Neilson and Lance Jackson, sculpture & illusrations
Saints, Sinners & Spies
Susan Moran, mixed-media textiles
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Danielle Cecil and Shelby Thurston

Spring/Summer 2019
Life Observation: Deborah Huntley and Matthew Krease
Louise Chen: Birds: Metaphor & Allegory

Winter 2019
14th Annual Student Show
Mary Brodbeck, Then & Now: Keeping the Japanese Woodblock Process Alive 
Brian Elder, The Nantes Series
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Anna Slavin, Howie Eagle, Raul Avel (Hajiyev) and Tylar Elizabeth (Greer-Travis).

Fall 2018
Phillip Hanson
Saints, Sinners and Spirit: donated works for auction to benefit the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.
Art Alumni Show
Nicole Banowetz

Spring/Summer 2018
13th Annual Student Show
Julia Roecker

Winter 2018
Tom Canale: I am ONE
Digital Space (4), juried digital fine arts competition open to artists within the State of Michigan
High School Invitational, featuring art work from area high school students
Experimental Space

Fall 2017
Saints, Sinners & Safari Invitational, donated works for auction to benefit the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.
Tatsuki Hakoyama: Searching for the Middle Path
Experimental Space: featuring Danielle Georgiou, Howie Eagle (H.D. Eagle), Lily Solgat, Ellie Makinen, Gina Kearly, Shelby Hatt, Nyesha Clark-Young (N. Clark-Young), Anna Slavin, Malory Kochanny, VR-Reg: Virtual Reality Research Group, Billy Haboush, and Cardinal Photography Student Association (CPSA)

Spring/Summer 2017
12th Annual Student Show

Winter 2017
SVSU Art Faculty, featuring works by full and part-time faculty of the SVSU Department of Art.
Jonathan McFadden: "I don't know why this posts twice?? Sorry."
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Charity Glaza, Jessica Smith and Eric McGregor

Fall 2016 
Mike Mosher,"Meter-Reader: Voltage, Amperage, Knowledge"
Saints, Sinners & Song Invitational, donated works for auction to benefit the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.
Peter Clouse: Spatial Contingencies
Art & Design Creative League Exhibition

Spring/Summer 2016
11th Annual Student Show
Japanese Prints/Dr. Doll Collection 

Winter 2016 
Vicki Vanameyden & Ginger Owen: Heritage Habitats
Cyberspace III Exhibition, juried digital fine arts competition open to artists within the State of Michigan
High School Invitational, featuring art work from area high school students
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Alison Bur and Myles Roznowski 

Fall 2015
John Dempsey & Thom Bohnert Exhibition
Saints, Sinners & Silk Exhibition, donated works for auction to benefit the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.
Cozette Phillips Exhibition, "Here to There"
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Logan Mooney and Miles Nitz

Spring/Summer 2015
10th Annual Student Show
Frances H. Quint Gallery Collections: Frances Quint is a graphic designer, book illustrator and fine artist in the Detroit area. 

Winter 2015
Group Invitational Exhibition, featuring artists Kurt Frevel, David Rayfield, Matt Lewis, & Emmy Heger.
Bruce Giffin, "The Face of Detroit" Exhibition photography
Roscoe Wilson: It's Getting Hot Out Here featuring sculptural installations, drawings and prints.
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Garrett Weslock

Fall 2014
Kathy Kaunitz Jones, "The Journey Along the Way' paintings
Saints, Sinners & Shenanigans Invitational, donated works for auction to benefit the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.
Cara DeAngelis: "Still Life: Roadkill in the Domestic Space" Exhibition paintings and drawings.
Erin Hoffman: "Power & Consequences" Exhibition, paintings & drawings.
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Eileen Gemborys & David Janssen, Jr.

Spring/Summer 2014
9th Annual Student Exhibition
Julia Roecker Exhibition, featuring linocut, woodblock, silkscreen & monoprinting.

Winter 2014 
SVSU Art Faculty, featuring works by full and part-time faculty of the SVSU Department of Art.
Cyberspace II Competition,  juried digital fine arts competition open to artists within the State of Michigan.
Stephanie Palagyi, featuring oil paintings.
Bachelor of Fine Arts, featuring work by Michael Estrada, Amy Gibas, Trecien Schultz, & Katie Stanton.

Fall 2013
Craig Hinshaw Exhibition, Sculpture
Saints & Sinners '63 Invitational, donated works for auction to benefit the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.
SVSU Art Alumni: featuring art work of graduates of the last 50 years.
Bachelor of Fine Arts featuring work of Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott, Patricia McDonald & Olivia Nixon

Spring/Summer 2013
8th Annual Art Student Show 
Selections from the Art Department Collection, This exhibit features a selection of works from the collection of art acquired by the SVSU Art Department over the past 30 years.

Winter 2013
Marie Tapert: Wire Drawings & Constructions
Pilgrimages: art work by Shaun Bangert,  Larry Butcher, Aaron Gaertner & Alex Maxon
Japanese Woodblock Prints: donated collection from Dr.Louis W. Doll
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Christine Janowiak and Kassie Smith.

Fall 2012
Matthew Zivich: Recent Works, "War and Peace"
Saints & Sinners Invitational, Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum Fundraiser
Cynthia Foley: Imagining Context: Seeing & Being Seen
Michigan Watercolor Society, 2012 Traveling Exhibition

Spring 2012
7th Annual Student Exhibit 

Winter 2011
Cyberspace I: Digital Fine Arts Competition
Cianne Fragione: Atmospheric Conditions An Exhibition of Works on Paper
Mary Gaynier: Scherenschnitte: Cut Paper Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Amanda Abraham, Jillian Bourbina, Caleb Guthrie & Kait Harris

Fall 2011
SVSU Art FacultyDennis Guastella & Ron Teachworth Exhibition, Resonating Patterns
Larry Robinson: Photographs
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Caleb Guthrie, Robin Karnes & Nicole Turner

Spring/Summer 2011
6th Annual Art Student's Exhibition
IN the Spirit and INclusion: Selections from the INprint Group

Winter 2011
Benjamin Duke: Upheaval: Recent Paintings
(Re)Calling & (Re)Telling: photographs by Kesha Bruce, Scott Youngstedt, & Mike Mosher
Larry Butcher: Love, Memory & Impermanence
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Jill Cooley, Corey Gilbert, Jason Hynes, Jillian Moody & Kristine Schlicht

Fall 2011
Barron Hirsch: A Retrospective
The Michigan Watercolor Society's 2010 Traveling Exhibition
Judy Baca: Excavating Land & Memory
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Peter Clouse, Jacob Johnson, Sarah Masters, Zack Lietaert, Derek Rudel & Stacy Wilson

Spring/Summer 2010
5th Annual Art Student Show
Selections from the University's Collection

Winter 2010
Soap Box Prints I & II: A Printshow from the American Print Alliance Exhibition
Dylan Miner: Learning to Labor, Remmebering to Resist: Graphic Work & Installation
Nikkole Huss: Alphabets & Excursions, Paintings Exhibition
Student Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Kady Allen, Julie Lake, Meghan Ordus, Eric Sinicki

Fall 2009
SVSU Art Faculty
Ed Wong-Ligda, Beauty & Vulnerability: Paintings
Stephen Geffre: Dakota Reimaged: Paintings
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Nick Kaiser, Renee Adler, Nicole Pfeiffer, Hermalinda Roof, & Dennis Rogers 

Spring/Summer 2009
4th Annual Art Student Exhibition

Winter 2009
Matthew Zivich: Recent Works from the "Americana" Series
Randal Crawford: More Alternate Explanations: Mixed Media Works
Jessica Gondek: Dissecting Paint, Ink, & Pixels: Paintings & Printed Media
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Lacresha Lincoln, Jacqui Walker, Karah Force
INspire & mINnetrista: Selections from the INprint Group 

Fall 2008
Michelle Courier: Recent Works
Robert McCann: Putting Some Feelers Out
Mike Mosher: Visual Engineering, Paintings & Drawings
Bachelor of Fine Arts: featuring Samantha Eurich, Caroline Heller, Sara Lowthian

Spring/Summer 2008
3rd Annual Art Student Exhibition

Winter 2008
Beyond Boundaries: Chicago Printmakers Collaborative
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Shoua Kue, Katherine Grulke
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Paolo Pedini, Alexandra Sous, Sara Lowthian, Hermelinda Roof
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Laura Izzo, Kari Young, Phil Reinbold, Shoua Kue, Meg Gotham

Fall 2007
Richard Knight: Nouveau Rococo: Shaped Metal Sculptures 
Jon Onye Lockard, paintings & drawings
Michigan Watercolor Society
Laura Russell Exhibition
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Stephanie Acker, Jennifer Fallon

Spring/Summer 2007
INtouch/INdigenous: Selections from the INprint Group

Winter 2007
SVSU Art Faculty
Willis Bing Davis
Rimas VisGirda
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Amy Ladensack, Jason Nuttall, Stephanie Paine, Tracy Ludwig, Nicole Hollenback

Fall 2006
Richard Hull
Judith Kerman: Carnival!
Michigan Women's Invitational

Spring/Summer 2006
1st Annual Student Show

Winter 2006
Mail Art Show
Sally T. Ryan (SAINTRYAN): Muse's Tantrum
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Alayna Partaka, Geoffery Haney, Inez Cappiello, Torey L. Stade

Fall 2005
David Rayfield: A Temporary Retrospective
Gladys Nilsson
INdiana/INjoy: Selections from the INprint Group
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Ashley Bokhart, Sarah Kue, Amy Zurakowski, Laura Booker, Christina Kababik

Spring/Summer 2005
Jane Bowman-Smith & Ruth Ann Bowman: Memories We Keep, sisters exploring parallel themes

Winter 2005
Thomas Canale: Digital Works
Mark Dancey
Gary Greenberg: "HA!(funny)"
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Christopher Briley, Holly Johns, Andrea Gohsman, Kim Donaldson

Fall 2004
Vince Torano
Marilyn Zimmerman: "Ziggy (World's Most Famous Waitress) and Friends"
Michigan Watercolor Society

Spring/Summer 2004
Joyce Lieberman and Richard Hackel: Florals and Landscapes
Marcia Henne: Recess

Winter 2004
Valerie Allen & Armin Mersmann
Carol Jacobsen: Chains: Scott Segregation Unit
Roz Berlin: The Woven Forest
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Katie Barkell, Garrett Willette, Michelle Lukezic, Mat Zelley
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Laura Laube and Chad White

Fall 2003
Alumni Show
SVSU Art Faculty
Liu Maoshan
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Winter 2003
Lon Ferguson: Etherial Moments
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Rayan Hammond

Spring 2001
Alvey Jones: Circles of Discourse 

Fall 1997
Bruce Thayer: Tales of the Working Man

Winter 1990
Benita Goldman

Fall 1984
Reality and Fantasy: Alejandro Colunga, Mario Martin del Campo, Maximino Javier and Francisco Zuniga

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