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Faculty Development‌

One of the goals for the Office of Adjunct Faculty Support Programs is to assist Adjunct Faculty in developing their skills as  Office of Adjunct Faculty Support Programs logoinstructors. We offer workshops and orientations to help instructors become familiar with the University's resources and procedures. The Office of Adjunct Faculty Support Programs as well as other departments at the University offer workshops to help instructors develop themselves professionally. Adjunct Faculty can view and register for these workshops at

Our office supports evidence based teaching & learning practices, many of which can be found here.

Teaching & Learning Library

The Office of Adjunct Faculty Support Programs sponsors two programs intended for faculty development.

Adjunct_Faculty_Development_Funding (600KB)

This funding opportunity gives Adjunct Faculty the ability to receive financial assistance to attend conferences, workshops, meetings, and presentations to further develop their substantive discipline area and teaching experience.

Master Teachers Program Introduction (190KB)

Our new program, the Master Teachers Program, is intended to prepare and advance the teaching practices of SVSU’s adjunct faculty.  The goals of this program are to help faculty create safe learning environments, become skilled in classroom management, knowledgeable about diverse learning styles, and develop research based techniques to motivate students. 

Anyone interested in this program must first apply.  Following acceptance into the program each participant is expected to watch ten online videos produced by Magna publications.  The content of each video will then be used by the faculty member to compose an essay reflecting upon its content followed by the creation of a lesson plan for a class or a personal action that will be implemented in her teaching practices.  All of these must be submitted to the Program's Canvas space.  Finally, classroom observations by the program’s director near the beginning of the semester and a classroom observation, by someone in the participant’s department, will be required near the end of the semester.  For more information on this program please go to the Master Teachers Program link at

Faculty will be compensated $25.00 for watching each video and completing the assigned work.  Once all of the requirements listed above are complete the adjunct faculty member will receive a $50.00/credit hour bump in pay.  Only ten faculty will be admitted into this program each year so don’t forget to apply!

New Adjunct Faculty Seminar (164KB)

If you have been a member of SVSU’s adjunct faculty for less than four semesters, you can register for the New Adjunct Faculty Seminar.  This Seminar offers an opportunity to help strengthen SVSU's mission of being a premier teaching institution.  It is hoped that involvement in this Seminar will help our adjunct faculty grow professionally as teaching scholars and allow them to develop collegial relationships with other new faculty.

The Seminar will be offered at 4:30 in the afternoon every other Friday, beginning on September 9 and ending on November 11.  Adjunct faculty, who register for this program, will be given a book which will help drive the seminar discussions and each will be compensated $250.00 for attending all of the sessions. 

If you are interested in enrolling in the New Adjunct Faculty Seminar, please register at





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