General Education Curriculum Communication Intensive courses: 
examples and assignments

The following course assignments are keyed to the Communication Intensive General Education Requirements (categories 2 through 8):


1- Literature- 

To read major literary works critically with appreciation and understanding. 

2- Arts-

To appreciate the arts; to understand the arts as a vehicle for human expression.

3- Numerical Understanding-

To understand and manipulate numeric data; to respond to arguments and positions based on numbers and/or statistics.

4- Natural Sciences-

To understand basic scientific concepts; to appreciate how these concepts are verified through experimentation and observation; and to become knowledgeable and responsible citizens in dealing with the challenges of a sophisticated technological society.

5- Historical and Philosophical Understanding-

To identify and analyze the significant ideas and events of human history by understanding cause and effect relationships through historical and philosophical investigation, narration, and synthesis.

6- Social Sciences-

To analyze and interpret social, economic, and political phenomena and human though processes using the techniques and procedures of the social sciences.

7- Social Institutions-

To identify, describe, and understand the workings of important social, economic, and political institutions and the relationship of individuals to these institutions.

8- International Perspectives-

To understand the nature of significant international systems and to step outside the contraints of one's own society.

9- Oral Communication-

To develop greater proficiency in English or a foreign language in general and discipline-specific settings.

10- Written Communication-

To develop greater proficiency in writing effective, researched academic texts in the English language.


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