First Year Writing Program

The First Year Writing Program strives to ensure incoming freshmen have a solid introduction to writing in the academy and to provide students with the skills needed to make a smooth transition from high school to their upper-level college classes.

Through the Basic Skills courses English 080 and English 111, First Year Writing has developed a programmatic approach to writing. Although instructors teach these courses in a variety of ways and with a variety of assignments, First Year Writing is designed to give students a consistent experience to improve their ability to write on the college level. To achieve this goal, the First Year Writing Program conducts instructor workshops throughout the year to promote best writing practices, which include instruction in technology, research, and the writing process. The program has also established common objectives, methodologies, texts, rubrics, plagiarism standards, and program assessment procedures.

The First-Year Writing program administers the Robert S.P. Yien and English 080 Writing Awards and offers sheltered sections of instruction for ESL learners. Additionally, it has partnered with the Writing Center to embed tutors in sections of English 080 and 111.

For more information about the First Year Writing Program, contact Dr. Sherrin Frances, First Year Writing Coordinator, at or (989) 964-6068.