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APA Format: Title Page

This information is based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition, 2010.


A good title should concisely state the main ideas of the paper. To keep titles concise, eliminate meaningless words; for instance, the words “method,” “results,” and “A Study of” provide no useful information, and should be avoided. Abbreviations should also be avoided within the title. (For more information on writing an effective title, consult the Publication Manual, p. 23.)

The title page includes five elements:

  1. Running head, which consists of a shortened version of the title,and a page number
  2. Paper title
  3. Author byline
  4. Institutional affiliation
  5. Author note, if required (The author note is used primarily for publication purposes. If you have a question about whether to use an author note, consult your instructor. For more information on the author note, consult the Publication Manual, pp. 24-25.)


1. Running head

Use a running head, which is a shortened version of the title. The running head will be located in the page header, left-aligned, with the label “Running head:” preceding it. The shortened title will be in all uppercase letters.

The page number 1 will also be in the page header and should be right-aligned, keeping a 1” margin.


2. Paper title

The title should clearly identify the specific topic of the paper. Example: Cross-cultural Studies of a Mental Disorder: Depression

Center the title on the page horizontally.

Capitalize only the first letter of important words in the title.


3. Author byline

Type your name in uppercase and lowercase letters, centered on the page, one double-spaced line below the title.

If your paper has two or more authors, type the names separated by commas and the word and before the last author listed; use one line, if space permits.


4. Institutional affiliation

Type the institutional affiliation, centered under your name, on the next double-spaced line.


Note: If your instructor requires you to include her/his name and the date, and/or the course title, write these on separate double-spaced lines, under the institutional affiliation.


Sample title page:


            Running head:  CROSS-CULTURAL STUDIES OF DEPRESSION                                           1












Cross-cultural Studies of Depression

Janet Wilson and Paul Thompson

Saginaw Valley State University