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Are you a major in the College of Business and Management seeking an amazing in-class, networking, international travel, and resume-building experience at little cost to you? The Vitito Global Leadership Institute (VGLI) is an SVSU Program of Distinction that is your opportunity to professional grow, gain skills that last a lifetime, and set yourself apart from the crowd as a Vitito Fellow.

As a Vitito Fellow, you will develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives that are the hallmark of great leaders.  You will experience:

  • Selected upper division leadership courses, with your Vitito peers including “Accelerated Leadership Laboratory,” a course and lab blending leadership research with practical application

  • Regional and statewide field trips offering the opportunity to meet successful leaders of business and non-profit organizations

  • Regular meetings, co-curricular activities, and quality time with your peers and mentoring with College of Business & Management endowed chairs, faculty members and regional business leaders

  • A generous travel stipend for a faculty-led international travel experience that includes meetings with global leaders

  • The opportunity to practice your leadership craft by helping external clients

The Vitito Global Leadership Institute provides an in-depth leadership development program for promising junior and senior business students at Saginaw Valley State University.  The program enhances the leadership abilities of a cohort group of high-potential students, in preparation for future leadership roles in business organizations that operate in an increasingly global context. The goal of the Vitito Global Leadership Institute is to foster a deep understanding of the importance of leadership in a global context, and its role in transforming organizations and communities. Students who have declared a Business major (or in exceptional cases students that have declared a Business minor) and have completed 45 credits at the time of application are eligible to apply to be admitted to the program. Students are selected through a college-wide competition (described in detail under the Admissions Process section).  Once selected, Vitito Fellows complete three courses in three consecutive semesters (Winter, Fall, Winter) with their cohort as specified in the Program Requirements section as well as co-curicular activities and a capstone project. 

Please contact us at with any questions you may have about the fellowship.