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The Valley Film Society is not associated with SVSU.  It is an independent, non-profit organization.

The Valley Film Society


Saginaw Valley State University

2015-16 Season


October 16

Girl with the Green Eyes (UK, 1965; Davis, 91 min.)

Naive young Irish farm girl goes to Dublin with her sophisticated best friend to find a better living. There they meet a world-wise, married writer twice their age. Both are interested in him, but the farm girl wins.

October 30

The Bèlier Family (France, 2014; Lartigau, 106 min.)

All members of this family are deaf, except for the eldest daughter, who is their interpreter of and to the outside world. She is an excellent singer, and when she auditions for an elite choir, the entire family is in disarray. Our heroine is in a painful dilemma about betraying her family with her possible choice.

November 6

My Life as a Dog (Sweden, 1985; Hallström, 101 min.)

Mischievous 12-year old boy is sent to live with relatives in 1950's rural Sweden. There he has exciting experiences and meets unusual people; these affect him for the rest of his life. Poignant and comedic.

November 13

Scent of Green Papaya (France/Vietnam, 1994; Hung, 104 min.)

Ten-year old serving girl begins working in a Saigon household in 1951. We follow her for 10 years as she matures into a beautiful young woman with ever changing relationships with other members of the household.


January 15

Assassination Tango (Argentina, 2002; Duvall, 114 min.)

Brooklyn hit man assigned to Argentina on a mission takes up with sexy tango dancer, who introduces him to her world. Robert Duvall gives a great performance, and the tango sequences are great to watch.

January 29

The Great Beauty (Italy/France, 2014; Sorrentino, 141 min.)

Italian journalist spends his life in the lavish night life of high Roman society for decades after the success of his only novel. But after a shocking event on his 65th birthday, he turns his life around and searches for its meaning after its banal past.

February 5

Priceless (France, 2006; Salvadori, 106 min.)

Gold-digger mistakes a bartender for a rich man, so sleeps with him. They become entangled in life and work as the bartender becomes the kept man for a rich woman, thus following her example. A romantic comedy.

February 12

The Hidden Fortress (Japan, 1960; Kurosawa, 126 min.)

In 16th century Japan young princess & her loyal general must make their way home through enemy lines with royal gold after their clan’s defeat. Their guides are two bumbling misfits, who cause close calls. Directed by Kurosawa, this film was the inspiration for Star Wars according to George Lucas.

February 26

Au Revoir les Infants (France/W. Germany/Italy, 1987; Malle, 104 min.)

In 1944 at a Catholic boarding school in the French countryside a new boy, a Jew, becomes the roommate of the top scholar, who is the class’ leader. Rivals at first, they become best friends. Then the Gestapo arrives.

March 18

Wadjda (Saudi Arabia et al., 2012; Al-Mansour, 98 min.)

A Saudi girl enters a Koran recitation competition so she can gain money to buy a green bicycle that she needs for a race in which she hopes to beat her boy playmate. First feature movie entirely filmed in Saudi Arabaia, and first movie there with a female director.

April 1

Play It Again Sam (USA, 1972; Ross, 85 min.)

Neurotic film critic is coached by ghost of Humphrey Bogart in fumbling attempts to impress girls after his wife divorces him. A friendly married couple help him, but he is feckless as ever–until drawn to friend’s wife.

The Ox-Bow Incident (USA, 1943; Wellman, 75 min.)

A 1940's classic. Two drifters enter a western town, then soon join a posse that forms to find the alleged killers of a local rancher. The posse encounters three men with the rancher’s cattle at Ox-Bow, then administers vigilante justice. But the three men were innocent.

April 15

The Captain from Köpenick (W. Germany, 1956; Käutner, 93 min.)

Young man in pre-WWI Prussia is frustrated by the bureaucracy after release from jail. He buys a 2nd hand uniform, then dons this badge of authority, and all obey him. Shenanigans. He is eventually pardoned by the Kaiser.

April 29

Fitzcaraldo (W. Germany/Peru, 1982; Herzog, 158 min.)

An obsessed opera lover is determined to build an opera house in the middle of the Amazon jungle! This entails hauling an enormous steamship over a mountain! Kinski is the man to do it!

May 6

Nosferatu the Vampyre (W. Germany/France, 1979; Herzog, 107 min.)

A rendering of the Dracula/vampire tale by the Herzog/Kinski duo. Well done, with Count Dracula bearing death and the plague wherever he goes, in particular while pursuing his real-estate agent’s wife with evil intent.

May 13

The Red Violin (Canada et al.,1998; Girard, 130 min.)

We follow the history of a violin, the masterpiece of a 17th century Italian master, from its creation to the present time, passing through an Austrian monastery, Oxford, and China during the cultural revolution on our journey. [A red Stradivarius violin was played in two Saginaw Bay Orchestra concerts.]

May 27

Film selection meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to allow the membership to nominate films for the next season. Anyone who joins the VFS for next season may nominate films either at this meeting or by mail. To be held in Curtiss 100, where our screenings are held.

All screenings will be held in room Curtiss 100 (which is across Groening Commons from the Performing Arts Center) at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays.