Course: Learn to Swim Level 6: Fundamentals of Diving


Course Code: 34906D


  • To refine strokes so students swim them with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over great distances.

  • To introduce and practice fundamental springboard diving skills. 



  • American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 5: Fundamental Aquatic Skills certificate or demonstrate all completion requirements in Level 5.


Learning Objectives

  • Increase endurance while performing the following strokes:
    -- Front crawl -- 100 yards
    -- Back crawl -- 100 yards
    -- Butterfly -- 50 yards
    -- Elementary backstroke -- 50 yards
    -- Breaststroke -- 50 yards
    -- Sidestroke -- 50 yards

  • Demonstrate the following turns while swimming:
    -- Front crawl open turn
    -- Backstroke open turn
    -- Sidestroke open turn
    -- Front flip turn
    -- Backstroke flip turn
    -- Butterfly Turn
    -- Breaststroke Turn

  • Discuss basic stretching exercises for diving

  • Demonstrate a standing, front jump from the edge of the diving board

  • Demonstrate a front, line-up entry from the edge of the diving board

  • Demonstrate a front approach with hurdle



  • No minimum number of hours suggested



  • Currently authorized Water Safety (r.04) instructor


Certification Requirements 

  • Successfully complete the following exit skills assesment:

    1. Swim 500 yards continuously using strokes in the following order: front crawl, 100 yards; back crawl 100 yards; breaststroke, 50 yards; elementary backstroke, 50 yards; and choice of stroke, 100 yards.

    2. Perform a front approach and hurdle with a feet-first entry from a 1-meter spring board.


Certificate Issued and Validity Period

  •  Learn-to-Swim Level 6: Personal Safety


Participant Materials

  • American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Manual (StayWell Stock No.651300)(Recommended but not Required)