Course: Learn to Swim Level 6: Fitness Swimmer



Course Code: 34906F


  • American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 5 Stroke Refinement certificate or demonstrate all completion requirements in Level 5.


Learning Objectives:

  • Increase endurance while swimming the following strokes: 
    -- Front crawl- 100 yards;
    -- Back crawl- 100 yards;
    -- Butterfly- 50 yards;
    -- Elementary backstroke- 50 yards; and
    -- Sidestroke- 50 yards

  • Demonstrate the following turns while swimming:
    -- Front crawl open turn;
    -- Backstroke open turn;
    -- Sidestroke open turn;
    -- Front flip turn;
    -- Backstroke flip turn;
    -- Breaststroke turn; and
    -- Butterfly turn

  • Demonstrate etiquette in fitness swimming

  • Discuss and demonstrate how to use the following while swimming:
    -- Pull buoy;
    -- Fins;
    -- Pace clock; and
    -- Paddles.

  • Describe the principles of setting up a fitness program

  • Demonstrate various training techniques

  • Calculate target heart rate

  • Apply the principles of water exercise.



  • No minimum number of hours suggested ( required?)



  • Currently authorized Water Safety (r.04) instructor.



  • Successfully complete the following exit skills assessment.



  • 1. Swim 500 yards continuously using strokes in the following order: front crawl 100 yards; breaststroke, 50 yards, elementary backstroke, 50 yards; sidestroke, 50 yards; butterfly, 50 yards; and choice of stroke, 100 yards. 

  • Perform the Cooper 12-minute swim test and compare with pre-assessment results.


Certificate Issued and Validity Period

  • Learn-to-Swim Level 6 - Fitness Swimmer


Participant Materials

  • American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Manual (Stay Well Stock No. 651300) (Recommended but not required.)