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Parking Services

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South Campus Complex A
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with minor exceptions on semester breaks

Student Employees

Student Dispatch - Job Description

Basic Function and Responsibility

Receives telephone, radio and walk-in requests for service.  Prioritizes requests, transfers data into proper radio message format and dispatches proper police and service personnel.  Provides information to the public and responds to other varied tasks as specifically assigned.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

Monitors and updates special events notebook.
Monitors central dispatch and other local radio frequencies.
Checks departmental units on duty.
Answers incoming radio calls, dispatching police and/or service units as necessary.
Answers incoming telephone calls, relaying requested information or taking necessary messages as appropriate.
Maintains the daily radio log.
Maintains radio and telephone communications with the Physical Plant as necessary.
Handles walk-in requests for service from the public.
Assigns incident report numbers while maintaining the incident report log.
Completes lost/found reports.
Understands and explains the Department of University Police's policies and procedures as necessary.
Distributes parking permits.
Other duties as specifically assigned.
If the student employee works between 12:00 a.m. and 8 a.m., a $1.00/per hour shift premium is received.

Supervision Received

General direction is received from the police officer on duty.  Communications personnel report to the Parking & Student Services Employment Coordinator.

Minimum Qualifications

Ability to listen to and understand directions.
Ability to write and speak in an understandable, accurate and positive manner.
Able to gather pertinent information quickly and accurately, with the ability to communicate this information professionally and precisely to the proper recipient.
Ability to be accurate and courteous in communication with other employees and other agencies.
Ability to read and understand correspondence, memoranda and directions.
Act in a decisive manner, using good judgment.
Assess problems and situations, in order to anticipate needs and evaluate alternatives.
Ability to deal with emergency and stress situations, to avoid over reaction, and to maintain flexibility in adjusting to situations and procedures.
Must be consistent in dealing with people, have personal integrity, sensitive to other's personal
problems without direct involvement, and able to exclude personal biases from work performance.
Ability to produce high quality, accurate work.  Able to detect and correct errors, able to perform tasks simultaneously if necessary.
Ability to utilize work time properly.
Working knowledge of radio, telephone, and computer procedures and resources.


Student Service Officer/Student Patrol - Job Description

Basic Function and Responsibility

Must be able to carry out all functions and responsibilities as a  communications personnel (dispatcher).  For further information, see the companion position classification description.

The Service Officer/Student Patrol provides effective motorized and foot patrol of parking lots and sidewalks on campus.  The service officer responds efficiently to requests for motorists assists, and issues parking tickets on campus while enforcing the SVSU Parking Ordinance.  The service officer assists the campus police in providing traffic control and direction as assigned.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

Performs all duties and responsibilities as a communications personnel (see associate classification description).
Enforces the SVSU parking, traffic, and pedestrian ordinance, through the issuing of parking tickets.
Provides court testimony in both informal and formal hearings at the 70th District Court.
Provides battery jumps.
Unlocks locked vehicles without benefit of keys.
Assists stranded motorists in obtaining gasoline for their vehicles.
Delivers emergency messages on campus.
Directs traffic during special events.
Assist University police in providing emergency services assistance at traffic accidents, such as setting flares and directing ambulances and other emergency services personnel.
Provides motorized and foot escorts on campus as requested.
Provides foot patrol of buildings, parking lots, and sidewalks.
Empties parking meters and transfers meter funds.
Hand delivers important documents.
Determines if a suspicious person or incident is active and reports information to police officer.
Assists the University police during emergency and other events on campus as specifically ordered.

Supervision Received

General direction is received from the police officer on duty.  Service officers/student patrol report to the Parking & Student Services Employment Coordinator.

Minimum Qualifications

Ability to operate effectively as a communications personnel (dispatcher), as determined by a positive job performance evaluation.
Ability to think and act promptly in emergencies.
Ability to respond evenly and calmly to any and all situations.
Possess initiative and the ability to work independently with little supervision.
Ability to interact and communicate effectively with diverse individuals and cultures.
Ability to enforce the parking ordinance in an impartial manner.
Ability to render assistance, without judgment, to individuals.
Ability to work outdoors in inclement weather.
Must be able to work different shifts.
Must possess a valid operators license with a satisfactory driving record.