Assistance Programs and Crime Prevention

The University Police take a pro-active approach to minimize the opportunities for criminal behavior. Crime prevention efforts stress community awareness and interaction through presentations and dissemination of materials, including:

  • Car Seat Checks by appointment. Call Detective Teddy at 989-964-4120
  • Student and Staff Orientation Programs - Yearly
  • Escort Services - Ongoing
  • Operation Identification - Ongoing
  • RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes - Four to five classes per year
  • Electronic Alarm Systems and Card Access - Ongoing
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Bicycle and Foot Patrol - Ongoing
  • Crime reporting and information through the student newspaper - Bi-Monthly

Alcohol and Drug Education

University substance abuse prevention services and educational programs are provided by Personal Counseling Services and the Residence Hall Alcohol Awareness program. The University addresses substance abuse by employees and students through educational prevention programs as well as assessment and referral through Personal Counseling Services. The University also employs a private company to assist employees with family and personal crises. The Employee Assistance Program is free to all benefit employees and referrals are kept strictly confidential.

Substance Abuse and Prevention

Alcohol is not permitted on campus by any person under 21 years of age. There are additional regulations for students living in the residence hall and apartment complexes.

Alcohol is not permitted in large common sources (such as keg beer), nor at any athletic or special event. Unauthorized sale, use, manufacturing, or distribution of alcohol or controlled substances by a student or staff member will result in disciplinary action. Specific and complete alcohol and drug policies for SVSU are located in the Residence Halls Handbook, the Student Handbook, and the Employee Manual.

Rape Aggression Defense Systems - RAD

RTEmagicC_RAD The University Police at S.V.S.U. was the first police department in the State of Michigan to certify two police officers to instruct the R.A.D. system.

The R.A.D. approach to personal safety education encompasses a practical blend of threat avoidance strategies and real-world assault resistance tactics for women. The focus of the R.A.D. course of instruction is on the development of easily mastered personal safety skills. These safety skills can be safely practiced within a comfortable learning environment. The coupling of those skills with a threat assessment process will increase physical safety awareness. The overall goal is to reduce victimization through informed decision making and sensible action.

The R.A.D. system is not a traditional self-defense course. It fills a longstanding void by enabling women to learn in a period of several hours a set of cognitive and physical skills which will be of benefit for years to come. The choice to be made regarding resistance in any particular situation is a very personal one. R.A.D. students find the manner of instruction to be supportive and the course, as a whole, to be a very empowering experience.R.A.D. systems has been highlighted on a local television channel and has instructed over 80 participants. For further information call the University Police RAD Instructors: Marc Strain at 989-964-4157, Jamie Teddy at 989-964-4120, Ryan Stockford at 989-964-4133, and Kyle Barber at 989-964-4514.

For the RAD Headquarters Home Page see

Keeping The Community Informed

The University Police Department assesses crime patterns along with the severity of crimes and makes timely reports on safety issues that are of immediate concern to the SVSU community. These reports come in the form of flyers, bulletins, newspaper announcements, and voice mail messages.