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Web Communications

The office of Web Communications (WebComm) has joined with the office of University Communications after eight years within the Enrollment Management division.  WebComm oversees the SVSU homepage and the top-level pages of Web Communications is primarily responsible for the content on the top level pages of the website, and provides recommendations to departments to:

  • Develop quality web-based communications
  • Ensure web content is resourceful & accurate
  • Architect an effective web navigation structure

WebComm also works closely with the Development department in Information Technology Services (ITS) and University Communications department. All positions play an active role in managing the structure, graphic design and functionality of the University’s Web presence.  Additional WebComm initiatives include:

  • Management and monitoriong of official SVSU social media channels
  • Digital marketing campaigns (display ads, Internet radio)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content development and strategy for portal

Web Communications Services

  • Web marketing assistance
  • Content strategy/development consultations
  • Web writing and editing training
  • Web architecture and organization consultations
  • Social media strategy/integration
  • Analytics and search engine optimization techniques

Other information sources for Web publishing