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Positioning: Key Messages

The following key messages should be present in all SVSU marketing and advertising efforts. This is not to suggest that these exact words or phrases must be used, but the message’s intent, the photography and the choice of words should imply and reinforce these key branding messages.

  • SVSU is a personal, highly-respected teaching university with quality academic programs and mentoring faculty.
  • SVSU students are diverse high achievers, involved, encouraged to be creative and are well prepared for their career and leadership roles.
  • SVSU students, faculty and staff are connected in valuable and important ways to the greater community.
  • SVSU is a beautiful, modern and safe place with opportunities for self-discovery, leadership, growth and international experiences.
  • SVSU offers distinctive cultural and intellectual opportunities that enrich its students and the regional community and, in doing so, it touches many lives.
  • SVSU faculty and endowed chairs are engaged in important and vital research projects that include undergraduate students in the process.
  • SVSU encourages, promotes and invests in those select creative, scholarly or service projects of its most promising students.
  • SVSU is a place that gives people a chance to be extraordinary and do great things.
  • SVSU offers opportunities that larger universities are too big to offer and smaller universities are too small to allow or encourage.
  • SVSU classes are taught by faculty, and class sizes are small, offering personalized attention.