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Templates: CD Label

Standard sized CD labels are available as a graphic to be placed in your own templates for printing CD or DVD labels. These are not required labels, but are useful when sending material off campus.

FYI--You must be on the campus of SVSU to download these templates. Templates are created in Microsoft Publisher. E-mail if you wish to receive one (or more) of the following templates via e-mail.



Locate Templates on the SVSU Network

RTEmagicC_da2be10391 Graphic files are housed on an SVSU network server and can only be accessed when on the campus of SVSU.

Go to the SVSU Network

If you are having difficulty with the direct link, you can still access the files using the instructions found below (for P.C. users, MAC users can contact Jill Allardyce in University Communications at 964-4056 for detailed instructions).

Using your computer, locate and double-click on the following folders:

  1. “My Computer”
  2. In the Address bar, type: \\\ucomm\
  3. Double-click "Photos"
  4. Double-click "Graphic Marks"
  5. Double-click "Templates"
  6. Double-click "CD Labels"