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Templates: Brochure Covers

A variety of SVSU brochure sizes and color templates are available for download from SVSU network servers. Click on the image to begin template download.

FYI--You must be on the campus of SVSU to download these templates. Templates are created in Microsoft Publisher. E-mail if you wish to receive one (or more) of the following templates via e-mail.

  • Microsoft Publisher Tips
  • How to send files to Graphics Center for printing

3.65" x 8.5" Templates

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8.5" x 5.5" Templates

RTEmagicC_b93bfab866 RTEmagicC_9a7719a4d3


8.5" x 11" Templates

RTEmagicC_6b8ebf5bf7 RTEmagicC_d34b27880c


Get Photos

Contact Tim Inman for a selection of photos that are available for you to place in your brochures.

Custom Solutions

For a more custom solution or help with copy writing and additional design, contact University Communications six weeks before your mailing deadline.


To request templates, contact the office of University Communications at (989) 964-4086.