Graphic Marks: Secondary Icons

The goal of graphic standards is to unify all divisions, departments and colleges within our organization and create one solid brand image for SVSU. Although individual SVSU divisions, departments and colleges often desire differentiation, the treatment and use of all SVSU graphic marks should have unity and should follow graphic standards.

Before Graphic Standards

Individual divisions, departments and colleges at SVSU have always been allowed in the past to create their own unique SVSU logo for publications and letterhead. This resulted in more than 40 different SVSU logos representing different SVSU divisions, departments and colleges.

In many cases, each of these different secondary logos were the only “SVSU logo” that target audiences had seen. Although these different SVSU logos gave a unique identity to their respective departments at SVSU, together they created a disconnected image of our university to external audiences.

It is important to remember that logos can work against the marketing goals if they do not specifically communicate objectives. Also, logos are traditionally used to represent an organization or company, not every individual sector within.

With Graphic Standards

Graphic standards recommendations are for all divisions, departments and colleges to use the official SVSU logo on all communications. Through graphic standards, the recommended solution for divisions, departments and colleges to achieve individuality is in the form of a "secondary word mark" or "illustrative icon," and these should always appear in a secondary position to the official SVSU logo.

Positioning all secondary illustrative icons and word marks in a secondary manner to the SVSU logo results in one message, one institution, one place — SVSU.

University Communications will work with university colleges, departments and divisions to strategize the most effective way to create a sense of individuality while maintaining the focus on, and integrity of, the university logo. University Communications also has determined multiple aspects of a secondary icon: illustrative, consistent color, font, word mark, graphic border or rule lines; for further explanation of this process, call ext. 2058.

To schedule a meeting with a marketing or design professional, please contact University Communications at ext. 2058.


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