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Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972 requires that all entities in receipt of any federal funds or financial assistance ‌must prohibit sex discrimination in their education programs and activities. Sexual harassment is a form of prohibited sex ‌discrimination.


Title IX requirements apply to all aspects of education programs and activities at SVSU, including recruitment, student admissions, financial assistance, housing, access to academic offerings, and athletics. The law also applies to all aspects of the University's File a Report Buttonemployment process, including hiring, tenure, compensation, and training.

As a recipient of federal funds, Saginaw Valley State University is obligated to:

  • Provide assurances that all education programs and activities are in compliance with the Title IX
  • Designate a Title IX Coordinator to oversee compliance efforts
  • Establish procedures to resolve student and employee Title IX complaints
  • Provide notification to students and employees that sex discrimination is prohibited within its programs
  • Ensure that all administrators, managers, deans, and chairs, familiarize themselves with, and implement Title IX provisions
  • Prepare annual reports on the incidence of sexual harassment and present findings to the president and senior administrators. Note any trends or policy and procedural changes that need to be effectuated to enhance the university’s title IX compliance efforts. No information that identifies individuals will be reported in the annual statistical reports.


The Office of Diversity Programs is responsible for implementing and monitoring SVSU's Title IX compliance, and has established procedures for handling possible Title IX violations.  Dr. Mamie T. Thorns is the Title IX Coordinator at SVSU and is the individual responsible for ensuring compliance with the law in this area. All complaints should be directed to her at the Office of Diversity Programs, Wickes Hall, Suite 260.