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The Frogs

by Aristophanes
Adapted by Marc Gordon
Nov. 30- Dec. 10th 2000

This was not your grandmothers, great-grandmothers or even your great-great-grandmothers version of The Frogs. This version was rewritten by Prof. Marc Gordon. It was adapted to incorporate (and sometimes poke fun at) surrounding tourist traps and local products. Also instead of going into Hell to find the greatest tragic poet, Dionysia goes down into Hell to find the worlds greatest politician. She ends up bumping into deceased presidents Kennedy and Nixon. The show was a political protest as well as a laugh riot!

The Production Staff

  • Director - Marc Gordon
  • Scenic Designer - Jerry Dennis & Dr. Steven C. Erickson
  • Costumes - Lorelei Horton
  • Stage Manager - Kim McArdle

The Cast

  • Xanthias - Travis Boswell
  • Dionysia - Elizabeth Dillon
  • Herakles, Nixon, Aiakos, Charon - Samuel de Zeng Lingenfelter
  • Corpse, Press Corps, Servant to Pluto, Frog Leader - Phillip John Garno
  • Initate Chorus, Frog, Waitress, Press Corps, Assistant to Aiakos - Shannon Ford
  • Frog, Barmaid, Press Corps, Assistant to Aiakos - Mary Ann Toskey
  • Frog, Director, Kennedy, Serge - Justin Berkobien

Photo Gallery


Dionysia and Charon floating into hell


The Presidents battling it out on "Name That Fool!"