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Merry Jo Brandimore

Dean of Student Affairs, Merry Jo Brandimore oversees many departments that are important to parents:  Student Life, Recreation Programs, Disability Services, Career Planning & Placement, Minority Student Services, Student Conduct, Counseling Services and Residential Life.

Though our “It Takes a Village” profile does not allow for a detailed outline of each and every department or their services, dean Brandimore has a few important messages to all parents of prospective students.   

To meet dean Brandimore is to know a real champion of SVSU.   In her more than two decades at SVSU, she is rightfully an authority on understanding what makes SVSU tick, and what makes it different.  She says one thing is that SVSU understands that when a student chooses SVSU, it’s the role of the faculty, staff and other students to help create a sense of community.   She believes that the SVSU “Village” understands that role and sincerely embraces it.   She adds that SVSU is an institution, somewhat rare, that attends to parent calls and questions. 

Dean Brandimore loves to talk about the fact that a successful student life is about more than academics.  Research indicates that when students are truly engaged (in academics, wellness, volunteer activities, programs, networks and clubs) their chance of persistence to graduation is much greater.  “Our extracurricular programs are more than a diversion or entertainment; they allow a student to express themselves.”  Put another way, dean Brandimore says academics + attachment/engagement = success.

Cheerleader Bradimore proudly states that she feels strongly that SVSU offers anything any other university offers, a complete collegiate experience.  All a student needs to do is get connected and take advantage of the opportunities and resources.  “If a student uses the resources available (to him or her), a unique, highly marketable professional is what they become when the leave here.”