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Sustainable Projects  

What has SVSU already done to be sustainable?

1995 Lighting Retrofit

In 1995 interior lighting all across campus was upgraded. The old inefficient light bulbs were replaced with new more efficient and longer lasting LED lights. This saved the University a little over $100,000 annually.

1998 Energy Loop and Occupancy Sensors

In 1998 SVSU started construction on a campus-wide energy loop to connect all of the main buildings on campus.  Before the installation of the energy loop each building required its own chiller for cooling.  The energy loop connected the chillers from all of the main buildings together in order to increase efficiency without going to the expense of building a central energy plant.  The energy loop also cut down on the number of chillers needed to cool the buildings.  The remaining chillers were also updated.  The energy loop saved the University an estimated $100,000 annually.

SVSU also installed occupancy sensors throughout campus in 1998.  The occupancy sensors placed in both classrooms and offices would turn the lights off in the room if it remained unoccupied for a certain amount of time which would save energy.  The installation of the occupancy sensors saved the University an estimated $47,000 annually.

2006 Various Projects

In 2006 SVSU installed controlled ventilation in the theater and recital hall in west complex.  Two older boilers in Arbury were replaced with new more efficient boilers.  Lighting controls were also installed in the student center to maximize daylight harvesting.  These three projects are only a few of those done in 2006 and they saved an estimated $34,000 per year combined.  All of the 2006 projects combined to save the university an estimated $636,000 per year.

2007 Recycled Pond Water 

As part of the renovation of Pioneer Hall in 2007 the irrigation of the center of main campus was switched to pond water which saved the university about $50,000 annually.

2008 Pool Heater

In 2008 SVSU replaced the old pool water heater in Ryder Center with a new more efficient model that saves the university about $7,000 annually.

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