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South Campus Complex A

SVSU Recycles

Paper, Plastic or Trash?

SVSU Faculty have been recycling their office paper since 1996.

In 2004 SVSU started a recycling program in the freshman dorms and has since extended throughout all on-campus housing facilities.  Download list of recyclable materials » (92kB)

In 2009 Campus facilities purchased about forty sets of recycle bins and placed them at strategic locations around campus for Paper, Plastic or Trash.  A list of the number of bins on each floor of the academic buildings is below.

BuildingFloor# of bins
Arbury Fine Arts 1st 1
  2nd 1
Brown Hall 1st 2
  2nd 2
Pioneer Hall 1st 1
  2nd 1
Regional Education 1st 2
  2nd 3
Science East 1st 2
  2nd 3
Science West 1st 1
  2nd 2

West Complex*

1st 4
  2nd 3
Wickes Hall 1st 2
  2nd 0
Walkway between Science and Brown 1st 1
  2nd 4
Walkway from Doan to the Bookstore 1st 3

* Includes Groening Commons, the Theater and Curtis Hall