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Upcoming Events!

The Student Counseling Center has many opportunities and events you can participate in.  If you have ideas or a request for an event or workshop, please contact one of our awesome staff members.  


One Time Workshops

March 13th:  Nurturing Relationships  (C127)

March 21st : Goal Setting (C129)

April 4th : Self-Care (C129)

April 18th: Relaxation Techniques (C129)

QPR Trainings

QPR (Question. Persuade. Refer.) is a training for faculty, staff, and students in how to talk to someone who is experiencing mental distress or suicidal thoughts.  You will be trained in identifying risk factors, suicide warning signs, how to ask about suicide, persuade some towards hope, and how to refer them to appropriate help and resources.  QPR is not counseling or treatment. It is a way to offer hope through positive action and knowledge. If you have a group or department who are interested in receiving the free training, please contact Eddie Jones, Director, at 989.964.7078 or

SVSU Counseling Center

SVSU Counseling Center