Public Information

The Public Information Committee seeks to provide the student body with up to date information on matters that affect the student body as well as promoting events and resources on campus including those of Student Association. The Committee manages press releases, Potty Postings, Social Media, and the Student Association's website. 

Members of this committee in include: Anna Sheufelt, Chelsea Hummel, Brandon Errer, Maliq Davis, Billie DeShone, Charlie Ferens, Drew Mojica, Kyle Hull, Leslie Smith, Melissa Whitford, Rachel Aguirre, Ryan Arntz, and Shannon Russell.

If you would like your organization to be featured on a potty posting please refer to this guide, Potty Posting Guidlines (392kB)

If you have questions concerning this committee or you would like your RSO to appear on the Potty Postings please contact Public Information Officer Dan Hill at